Community and Conservation


We are a socially responsible company. There are aspects of our community that we are concerned, they are vital to the local community, such as water, garbage and medical services. In these respects our company is helping the community, however, has been the medical service, which is greater our contribution.

Since 2006, a group of American Medical Doctors from Arizona (Tucson Chapter) is proposed to build a clinic in Laguna. And with the support of donors, the medical resources of own doctors and the efforts of the local community, its construction was achieved.

The Medical Samaritans travel several times a year on their own planes to give free medical service to the our community. (Please see:

Our airstrip, offers free service to doctors on the runway, and supports them all facilities for the transportation of medical equipment, medicines and medical personnel. Also, in case of medical emergencies, or natural disaster, the runway is open and supportive to all people. Therefore, the airstrip is very important to our community.


Because the lagoon is part of a Protected Natural Area as is the Biosphere Reserve “El Vizcaíno”, which is National Park and Gray Whale refuge, and because in 1993 UNESCO declared the lagoon as a world Heritage site (a list that includes no more than 500 sites around the world), we repeat, for the environmental quality of the lagoon, we decided to join the conservation effort.

Panoramic View from Bungalow