How do I get here?

By Land.

To reach our facilities, if you come by car:

Travel from San Diego, Tijuana, Ensenada , on the road Transpeninsular south (toward La Paz). When you reach the village of El Rosario, fill fuel tank cap of your car. This is very important because there is no other gas station until the town of Villa de Jesus Maria (400 km. South or 4 hour drive on average). Please do not rely on your good estimate, so we recommend you travel with full fuel, water and food, as the central region of the peninsula is almost depopulated. Before the trip we recommend you plot your route using Google Earth and you see even the smallest detail across the Highway, town by town and ranch to ranch, which will give you an accurate idea of time travel and highway conditions.

Transpeninsular Highway

When you reach the 28th parallel, you will find the town of Black Warrior (Guerrero Negro), continue along the trans peninsular south to the town of Vizcaino, and head south to the town of San Ignacio. When you get to San Ignacio, on the road will find the gas station in town. 100 mts. below you will find a gray whale skeleton is a road called the Greek Y (the junction), turn right, and takes him to San Ignacio. In the town of San Ignacio we recommend visiting the Mission of San Ignacio, an architectural and historical gem, since it was built by Jesuit priests who founded it in 1728 (please see / San_Ignacio, _Baja_California_Sur ).


In the town of San Ignacio, ask anyone, the way out to the Laguna San Ignacio. However as a support use this map.



Follow the paved road to the lake (20 km. Approx) and do not stray from the dirt to get on board straight to the sea. Take turn Left on the tourist Field Pachico ( towards the town called the base (la base fishermans village) and then continue until you see the airstrip. When you reach the airstrip go to the way of beach, and that will take you directly to our facilities.

Hotel Location


By Air:

If you like to travel in your own airplane, visit us on the airstrip to the reporting of all its features and location. If you want to travel by commercial airliner to the lagoon, please contact us by mail, and we will gladly direct you to travel direct from Ensenada to La Laguna (exclusive service for our guests only. Please see our packages).