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Since you’re traveling from so far away for whale watching, for your convenience, we’d like to make some recommendations that will guide and support you throughout your trip, and could make your stay in the Lagoon a more pleasant one.

Time Zones

It is very important to take into account time zone differences. Due to the climate, the time in the Lagoon varies between the winter and summer months. Also, due to the geographic location (latitude), Calif

ornia local time (e.g. San Diego or Northern Baja California) is different from that of Laguna San Ignacio.

According to, t

here is a time difference of an hour between Laguna San Ignacio and the following cities: Tijuana, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Vancouver. For instance: If in Vancouver the time reads 8:00 a.m., in Laguna San Ignacio it reads 9:00 A.M. It is very important to take this into account as to avoid any confusion. When tourists fly out of Los Angeles, if they take off at 8 a.m. and fly for 3 hours, when arriving at the lagoon, their clocks should be reading approximately 11:00 AM, when in reality the actual local tim

e upon arrival would be 12:00 PM. It is therefore very important that when you call us by phone or send us an email telling us your arrival time, you must take into account the difference in time zones, to avoid any confusion or misunderstandings. Therefore, we would appreciate if you take this into consideration and let us know your arrival time according to the Lagoon’s time zone (which is the same as Mountain Standard Time in the U.S.).

Group Size

Typically we work with small groups of 6 to 10 people and a guide on our boat. Our experience has shown that it is easier to work with small groups than larger groups. Small groups provide the advantage of bein

g more manageable and allows us to provide better quality service. The maximum number of people that can be handled properly by our company is 20 people per group. Please consider this if you travel in groups as a member of a club or organization. Previous arrangements and planning can be made to accommodate larger groups.

Weather temperature

The gray whale watching is done in a coastal lagoon that empties into the Pacific Ocean. This activity takes place outdoors in a wilderness area. There are no artificial elements, this is an original show that offers 100% of mother nature. Winter temperatures are cold in the lagoon. On many days during the winter (from December 21 through March 21) temperatures at noon have been registered at 12º C (54º F). So, we recommend y

ou travel with heavy clothing and jackets. Remember, you are traveling to the Pacific coast and not the warm waters of the Sea of Cortez.

San Ignacio Lagoon

Another recommendation is to bring sandals. Due to the tide level, it is possible for water to reach the inside of the boat and feet tend to get wet. Also, sometimes due to the winds, it is possible that you can get wet on the trip in the boat, therefore, recommend that his return to the edge of the beach, you have with dry clothes to change into.

Age of Tourists

Due to the hours of travel, the length of the boat trips and temperatures, have made us gain the experience of taking care of both children and adults. In the case of children, we accept to transport to them to see the whales only if they are accompanied by a parent or an authorized adult. Babies in arms, are not recommended, due the ambient temperatures, we recommend that children are at least 5 years old. Ideally, children should be older than 10, but this at the discretion of the parents. As rule of principle do not allow children on boats without the presence or accompanied by an adult who is not a family member.

As for adults, there are no issues, unless disabled. In our experience we have worked with paralyzed people, or people without limbs. In such cases we require well in advance to give notice on the type of disability and age of the person.


At times, people who suffer from heart conditions or are diabetic forget their medicines in home or in a hotel room before heading to the lagoon. This is issue has put us in serious trouble sometimes. When such cases arise, some people begin to experience severe symptoms related to their health condition, and efforts must be made quickly to transport them to seek emergency medical attention.

Please when packing your travel bag, make sure to bring enough medication for the length of your trip. Make your travel plans early and calmly and put together a list of imperative items, which include medications.


If you place a reservation online, we require a request in advanced if you are a vegetarian. If you are allergic to shellfish (like clams, oysters, or included the fish), please let us know. We appreciate your help to serve you better.


Sometimes the winds are very strong in the lagoon. Because we are in an arid coastal region, these winds are considered desert storm

s. Sometimes, do not allow the output to see the whales from our beach in front of our hotel, so, rent trucks and tourists moved overland to a place very close to the area of ??short-field observation that are our partners and friends (please see: At this point are just 5 minutes from the observation area. Therefore expect them and bring them back safely. Remember, for us, safety comes first. For tourists who hire our all inclusive package, transportation is free. Those tourists who have just contracted the service of whale watching directly on hotel, we will charge extra for transportation per person.

Sometimes the winds are so strong (20 or more knots) than for their safety, we do not go whale watching, and delay their journey to a better time.

NOTE: If you buy a package to see the whales or buy a tiket internet via our website, and you travel to the lagoon on the agreed date and can not be performed, due to the winds or storm surges, WE CAN NOT REFUND YOUR MONEY. BECAUSE THAT IS NOT UNDER OUR CONTROL NATURAL FACTORS. LEAVE SO CLEAR, YOU GOES TO THE LAKE TO NATURAL PROTECTED AREA THAT ARE TOTALLY WILD CONDITIONS. SO, WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR SUDDEN WEATHER CHANGES IMPEDING THE WHALE WATCHING.

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