Whale Tours

Whale Watching Tours

Come and enjoy the display of whales, which is one of a kind in this world. Bring your family and enjoy the sight and beauty of marine animal life in its natural habitat.

Whale Watching Tours

We offer whale-watching tours from mid-January to late April each year. Our team provides every type of security such as life jackets, radio communication, first aid kits, and paddles. More importantly, our boaters are trained and well experienced.

Length of tour

The journey begins on the beach next to the airstrip (See map. The red star indicates the location of our hotel). Due to the distance to the observation area, the boat travels 20 minutes one way and 20 minutes back. Whale watching takes 90 minutes (about an hour and a half) within the watching zone. This time is standard. Therefore, each trip, usually takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Whale Watching Tours Zone

Please, read our section on our recommendations, since it will provide some tips for a more pleasant trip. During the winter and spring months, weather tends to be cold in the lagoon and you may get wet and will need to have a set of dry clothes upon your return.


Per person

US dollars

Adults ($45 whale journey + 5.00 guide fee + 5.00 tax)


Children under 10 (25.00 whale journey + 5.00 guide fee + 5.00 tax)



Our hotel has 5 quadruple-room bungalows with 2 queen beds each (4 people max.). Each unit has a full bathroom with hot water 24/7. Please note: Bring your own towel (we do not provide this item in order to conserve water).

Each bungalow has an external viewpoint balcony to admire the gorgeous ocean view, and all around the lagoon.

Queen Size Beds


The cost per room is $80.00 per night plus 11% IVA (federal tax) and 3% ISH (lodging tax), for a limit of 4 people per guest room.  Rates not subject to negotiation.


Our restaurant offers Buffet food only. This allows our customers to be fully satisfied by serving themselves the right portion. Our famous fish tacos are cooked the San Ignacio Lagoon way. Our daily menu changes, but at the request of our customers we provide daily dishes of fish and/or seafood. Our restaurant servings are not based on mass production of food, our food consists of homemade food with an emphasis on local north-western Mexican cuisine (southern Baja flour tortillas, machaca, farm-style coffee, etc.), and of course, traditional Mexican food.




The cost per buffet meal is $10.00 dollars (including tax) per person and features fish and/or seafood, soup, salad, rice, beans, tortillas, etc.. As well as: drinks, coffee or tea and soft drinks.